Finally built new pc ... now problems

This is what I built ...

I've had it for about two weeks now and everything was running great until last week when my graphics card started crashing during games and would only run at stock speeds, the slightest OC and it would crash. Well that's fine, sent it out Monday to get a replacement from newegg.

then today I decided I'd hook my old msi gtx 460 up so I could do a little bit of gaming til the new card comes in... well my mobo won't recognize the card, I've tried it in both pci-e slots, made sure everything was right in the bios ... was told by ASRock to download the new firmware for the gtx 460, but I can't do that if the mobo isn't recognizing the card ....

So now I just got off the phone with newegg and they're going to replace the mobo for me ...

This is turning out to be a nightmare for me ... I'm scared of what's going to go wrong next :(

I made sure I did everything right, at least I think I did ... ugh I guess this is more of a rant than anything...

This ever happen to anyone else? Or am I just really that unlucky? heh
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  1. did you ever try going to the bios and loading the defaults. once i had a similar problem where my brand new gpu would get 2 FPS. after i loaded defaults it worked perfectly. no problems scince
  2. Ok, so you overclocked your GPU and killed it - then sent it in for RMA and think something is wrong with your mb... You probably wrecked that too.

    You "made sure" you "did everything right" - and you ask if it ever happened to anyone else... Dude, you brought it on yourself - had you not been overclocking none of this would ever had happened!
  3. jrsharks, yeah I went into the bios yesterday and reset everything to defaults and still nothing ... then today it dawned on me to press the "clear cmos" button and everything is working fine now :)

    Dingo07, You're probably right, I might have fried my gpu from OC'ing even though it was a relatively small OC to begin with. When I get my replacement in I'm not going to be doing anymore OC'ing though, don't want to go through this again heh.
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