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I have never built computer before so I need some advice for picking parts. I want to play Skyrim, Minecraft, BF3, Crysis, Just Cause 2, Portal 2, Mass Effect 3 and Witcher 2. I will be playing at 1080p resolution but plan on getting two more monitors in the future. I need enough storage for lots of music in CD or flac quality as well as many movies. The build must include Windows 7 in the budget. Any help would be great thanks.
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  1. im kinda new but for gaming you should go with the i5 cpu with a z77 board i chose asus v pro do you plan on cross fire or sli (using more than one GPU) thats a start
  2. dependng on your CPU and GPU set up wil determine your PSU. and case is more than just looks you want it to be able to keep cool
  3. i have a decent build in system forum if you just scroll down its the ivy brdge i5 3750k build from yesterday its cheaper than 1300 but its a good gaming build only thing better for it would be even better gpu maybe
  4. strife_ff7 said:

    Would that power supply be enough if I crossfire or sli or whatever in the future?
  5. Oh and thanks for the input Vannytran.
  6. Power supply will be able to handle crossfire but i would not recommend it. If you are going to cross on that build i would go above 800 in any case. IT should support it but always leave your self at least 200W of a margin in case of overclocking etc and overall so you don't tax the PSU too much.
  7. gloomfish said:
    Would that power supply be enough if I crossfire or sli or whatever in the future?

    That's a good psu it's more than enough for overclocking and crossfire.
  8. I agree with the build proposed although I would probably drop the SSD to a 60gb since its going to basically be a boot drive.


    Also, since you have the budget and plan to go to multi monitors later anyway, grab a 7970 GHz Edition


    If you do that, bump up the PSU to an 800 watt and you are good to go.
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