Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 temperature

Hi all!

I am surprised about the temperature my graphic card is running, when I am playing the temperature rises to 80°C despite
fans are not working hard. Gpu Z indicates that they are running at 50% on average. I have read on the test that the temperature should be under load something like 50°C. I have the latest drivers version from AMD (Catalyst version 12.6) and I am running Windows 7.
I did not overclock anything (using the standard settings, did not use overdrive or any other tool).

Could someone help me find out what I did wrong?

Thank you very much in advance ;).
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  1. I agree that the card is running too hot.
    However, it could be that the software you are using is not properly reading the card temperature. You may want to check that first.
    Otherwise, here are several things you can try:
    1. Is the air intake on your case obstructed or full of dust? If so clean it or remove anything blocking it.
    2. Check the case fans and make sure that they are working properly and pulling air in/out of the case.
    3. Is the GPU cooler blocked or dusty? If so, clean it or allow more airflow to it.
    4. If you want to adjust the speed of the fans on the card, download MSI afterburner from the MSI website. MSI after burner is a tool used for tweaking the performance of the GPU. You can use it to turn the fan speed up to maximum and see if that helps.

    If none of that helps, I wouldnt worry too much about it, because you have done most of what you can. The card should pretty much take care of itself.
  2. The 7970 is a very hot card when overclocked. You'll probably need to setup a more aggressive fan curve to cool it off a bit.
  3. 80C is well within its operating temperatures.

    But, like risaccess1 said, you can look at improving your case airflow (clean fans, route wires) If everything is in check, you'll need to lower your ambient temperature, increase intake/outtake airflow, and/or modify the gpu fan profile if you want to bring temperatures down.
  4. My 680s hit 80, so i created a custom fan curve.
  5. Thanks for your replies!

    As I said I did not tweak/overclock anything.

    The fan which is in front of the motherboard is not working (I mean the fan from the case) because I though it was not necessary. But I have 3 fans working in my case and ambient temperature in the case is something like 22°C.

    The installation is really new (built the whole computer in February).

    Could you please give me advices or links to know how to cool a GPU?

    I will upload a picture to show you my install!
  6. Where are those three fans located and which direction are they blowing?

    If you built in February, you may need to clean your PC.
  7. Hi all,

    I have uploaded a small video in order to show you my install so maybe you could give me advices.

    I am using the zalman z9+ case and the fans were not moved they are at the default position.

    Here it the link :

    Edit : I plugged the fan on the side and it seems temp dropped from 3-4 °C but no more, reaching something like 77°C under load.

  8. If 77c is your max temperature under load then you are fine. My 7950 idles right aroudn 50 and maxes in the 70's when overclocked. As long as you dont go past the low to mid 80's you shouldnt need to worry. If you want the card to be cooler, you probably wont get much of a noticeable difference from changing around case fans. Have you tried ramping up the fan on the video card using a custom profile. When I overclock my card I have the fan set to ramp up at pretty much a 1 to 1 ratio with temp. 60c = 60% fan speed.
  9. I did not try to use custom fan settings maybe I should! Is there any way to define a ratio like you did? What should I avoid is using msi afterburner to not damage my graphic card?
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