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I have decided that I'm going to build a Gaming PC and my friend aid he would give me this case that he never used, it looks really cool and cost quite a bit (at least more then I was going to spend) but then I found how old it is. I'm wondering if it is still compatible with todays tech because it looks really awesome. I know it doesn't have USB 3.0 and the 120mm fans kinda suck but will it still work? thanks
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    With the exception of features such as USB 3.0 computer cases are very age resistant. That case conforms to all the dimensional standards used by today's hardware (and much of tomorrow's). I say go for it.
  2. Awesome thanks so much :D Sorry I'm pretty new to this but I have one more question and it might sound pretty dumb but is it big enough? It says Mid Tower so I assume that means it isn't a full tower. I just don't know the difference.
  3. It is large enough to house a full ATX motherboard but is not a full tower, that sounds confusing I know. Full tower cases are more appropriate for liquid cooling anyway. And the 120mm fans are completely replaceable.
  4. Mid tower is probably the most common size of case, at least for custom builds. Unless you plan on installing a lot of drives, a very large video card or a liquid cooling system a mid tower is perfect.
  5. i suggest that you buy a case with USB 3.0
    tou may not need it now, but it will be handy in the future...
  6. I don't plan on using liquid cooling and my motherboard will have USB 3.0 but thanks for all the help guys :bounce:
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