550ti overclocked idle at 60C ???

okay i just bought another monitor so i could have 2 displays, before i installed the second one, i was at 30-35C idle with my first monitor which is a 24 inch LG 1920 by 1080 2ms.

when i installed the second one, an acer 20 inch 1600 by 900 5ms my gpu which is a evga 550ti overclocked version is running at 60 C idle

is this normal?
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  1. my gtx 550 ti has a overclock of 1ghz and it idles at 30ish so your 60 idle is normal because to the 2 monitors.......if your temps bother u all u have to do is increase your cards fan speed
  2. yeah so 60 C is normal for two monitors?
    , and i am using that atm, i got it to 50C on 50% fan speed.
  3. btw, i didnt overclock it, i bought the overclocked version :P
  4. 50c is ok but u might want to invest in some case fans
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811999479 i run 4 of these case fans in my system and it keeps everything nice and cool
  6. You have to consider two things as i have had the same 'issue' but with a GTX570

    1. The card is driving nearly twice the pixel real estate and has to crunch more numbers and therefore produce more heat.

    2. and someone might need to confirm but similar to what i discovered with the GTX570, apparently the card doesnt 'down-clock' itself into idle mode as a result of having two monitors or X amount of pixels hence the higher temps.
  7. the gtx 550 down clocks its self
  8. Seems a bit hot to me. I'm running 3 monitors off 2x SLI GTX 570s (overclocked to 875mhz) and they idle between 35-36c. Its really the load temperatures that matter but you might want to turn up your fan speeds a bit.
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