How many watts do i need?

Im building a gaming pc and i am stumped with how big of a power supply i need. I will probably overclock a little while after im done and have enough money for a cooling system. Any recommendations for a case will be appreciated as well, hopefully something with red.

cpu: intel i5 3570k
Graphics card: geforce gtx 670
Mother board: sabertooth z77
Ram: corsair vengeance 2x4
SSD: samsung 840 128 GB
Hard drive: 1 Tb seagate barracuda 7200 rpm
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  1. whats ur budget?
  2. As long as i have more watts than i need, however much it takes
  3. well u plan on sli-ing?
  4. Its a possibility in the future
  5. budget?
  6. Ill most likely get a bronze. I just need to know how many watts i need i was going to get a 750w would that be enough? My budget is around under $100
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