Should i get a newer PSU for my older system to prolong its life?

I have this 5 year old system < > ill be adding this ram to it and changing out the fans. but the 250 watt psu that came with it is working just fine and has been for the last 5 year ive run it 24/7 for a couple weeks at time. but idk if i should upgrade to a better psu to keep it running healthy...i have plans to mod the case and idk if i should keep this psu replace its fan paint it and throw it back in there or get a new psu also if i were to get a new psu it will be one under 40 bucks. any help or comments if good for me
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  1. if its running fine, why change it?
  2. If your machine is working fine as is, what is the sense in replacing anything? If it does everything you need it to do, don't touch it. Especially not with a cheap $40 PSU.
  3. What if a wanted to paint the psu and sleeve it?
  4. If you disassemble a power supply be very careful even if it has been unplugged.

    Though I find it unusual that you want to mod an old OEM case, power supply mods have certainly been done before and there are guides on how to do so floating around the internet.
  5. AvoidingZombies said:
    What if a wanted to paint the psu and sleeve it?

    That's a great idea, I'm all for that but you shouldn't need to replace the PSU to do it
  6. id doubt that.

    i wouldnt recommand painting a ps.
  7. @anxiousinfusion thanks for the warning + i all ready know how to sleeve also i know its weird to mod a old OEM cace but in my eyes it the perfect canvas + its already bought :D

    @C12Friedman thanks for the encouragement
  8. u can sleeve it. but wouldnt paint it.
  9. @iceclock whats wrong w/ painting a psu?
  10. Cut into the case, paint it, a canvas is exactly what it is. A similar project got me into modding - it's kind of an addiction though so be forewarned.
    Do be careful painting the PSU though, make sure you mask any openings real good
  11. haha ill try not to become a addict :) but so theres nothing wrong w/ painting a psu right? also what do you mean "make sure you mask any openings real good"
  12. i dunno, just seems off. u might get paint inside and mess with the electronics of it.

    never heard of painting a ps.
  13. I won't recommend taking the PSU apart to paint at the same time, you definately don't want to get any paint inside the PSU. Covering (masking) any openings with tape or filling with paper taped down (almost virtually excludes painting the back unless you're very patient and can plug each hole somehow) should keep paint out. You would also need to cover the area where the cables come out as to not let paint enter there either
  14. seems like more trouble than anything. but if u follow c12s recommandations i guess its possible.
  15. sounds good but back to my original question should i keep my 5 year old 250 watt psu paint it and sleeve it or get this psu < > and paint and sleeve this?
  16. Since the old one is working and you seem to have the budget for a potential replacement mod the PSU you currently have. If it goes downhill you can buy a new one and mod that.

    Also note you do not want to use any kind of conductive paint.
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    I think the Seasonic would be a fun PSU to sleeve up but I personally wouldn't consider painting it since too much would need to be masked - a nice little airbrush stencil design on the side could be a nice touch with all that needs to be masked. Here's what I did, I went and got out a few old PSU's I have and considered what I would have to do to paint them. Out of 4 PSU's only one seemed possible to mask off properly to paint completely and even that would be a bit tricky (but possible). I think a small design might be do-able easy enough but a complete paint job does seem to be too much bother (at least to me)
  18. yar.
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  20. enjoy
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