Use server as desktop PC?

I was wondering if i could user a sever desktop computer as a regular computer. my friend said he'll give me his old server mobo that uses a xeon chip. i just notice the prices for xeon has drop a lot. xeon dual core 2.33ghz for $14:
or a 2.66ghz dual core for $30

so would i be able to use the pc as a regular desktop or must it be only a sever.
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  1. Yes you can use it as a regular regular computer without a problem.
  2. Does the board have PCI-E slots?

    Those Xeons are basically server versions of the Core 2 Duo's
    Not very powerful at all for today's standards, that's why they're listed so cheap.
  3. Regular desktop doesn´t mean a gaming rig. So for the general task it will do the job.
  4. You can use it but depends on the PCI-E slots since i assume you would want a graphic card otherwise you would be very limited.
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