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I have attemped to set up a media system by ripping all of my dvds and blu rays to a hard drive (using aimersoft) and running them through a laptop with a hdmi cable to my tv. The quality is not as good as I expected, especially from the ripped blu rays - picture is fine but runs slower than audio and is out of sync straight away. If I was using a PC I would by a video card but I am using a laptop (lenovo with 6gb ram, windows 7 and 2.20 ghz intel core). Can Ido anything to boost video output -external graphis card or ometing?
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  1. No. An external video card would probably be even worse than what you have now. With laptops, you're kind of SOL.
  2. you can play around with different media player software/codecs. Some maybe be more efficient then others.

    Probably goes without saying, within a particular codec, you can adjust the post processing or other settings to see if that helps.
  3. He's not SOL. You can get Expresscard PCI-express adapters, breakout boxes, etc. Not the most elegant solution but it's possible.

    Other options, buy a cheap used PS3 or Xbox and convert your movies into a compatible format for them (The 360 is pretty verstile now and can play them from a network device via windows media player)

    There is also USB->Video cards for laptops, although you want USB 3.0 for good HD bandwidth. Even here in this review, they used an expresscard->USB 3.0->External video box and were able to play full HD no prob.

    There are solutions "outside the box".
  4. or if you don't want to go for a game console,

    There are plenty of "media center" boxes that will do the decoding. Some are just built-into standalone blurray players with network capability. some are sold just as network media players.

    Price range, they are now relatively cheap for what they can do.
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