Annoying interference.

Hello ! I have bought a custom built gaming computer and have been experiencing some rather major interference in my headphones.

I tried to connect my headphones onto the rear entry. saw a slight difference. But it was still there.

I tried cleaning (with alcohol) the jack plug of my headset (turtle beach x14) and plug it back on , didn't change anything.

All of my drivers seem to be up to date .

I don't have much experience with computer stuff ! And i would be thankfull to anyone who can help with this issue ! :) :fou:
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  1. First off, it's almost certainly a hardware issue. So don't agonize over drivers and software too much.

    What you're probably hearing is noise on the audio output. The fact that you noticed a difference between the front port and the back port strongly supports this. The first thing to do is check your environment: anything there that would be causing interference? Electronics like speaker systems or power bricks can cause induced electrical currents in wires carrying audio signals (what we hear as noise).

    The second step is to make sure that it's not your headphones. Try a different pair (in both front and back) or a pair of speakers. Play the same audio and see if the noise is more or less prominent. Since these are wireless headphones, also try relocating the base station or moving closer/farther from it.

    If the noise persists, you might need to get either a discrete sound card or USB DAC (digital to analog converter). Some motherboards just have noisy headphone outputs that can't be fixed (unless you want to get crazy with a soldering iron). I had a Dell laptop that had the same problem, but only while connected to AC power. Apparently the battery charging circuitry ran a bit too close to the audio output. You might have a similar problem.
  2. Thanks for the reply ! :)

    First off , sorry if i don't have a perfect english , i'll try to be understood as good as i can be (french is my main language).

    Now , i checked for interference sources .. My PC is connected to a powerbar , i dunno if that could be a problem ? I have a wireless rooter right next to my PC . and well my speakers are next to the computer (on the same table) Could that be a problem ?

    I checked , the noise is as loud as on the turtle beach . and by the way , they are not wireless ! :O

    I was told that getting an ''external'' (i mean..not intergrated or ''on-board'') sound card would probably solve the issue , what do you think ?
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