How big of a bottleneck is my CPU right now?(gaming)

I am running a Phenom II 965BE that I have not been able to successfully overclock, so it is running at 3.4ghz.

My video card is a Radeon 7950(1100/1525.)

If I upgraded to a i5 3570k, would I see a strong increase in performance in a game like BF3?
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  1. not a strong increase. maybe a little bit but not significant enough to justify the cost of a new cpu+motherboard.
  2. you dont need to upgrade... There may be a small bottleneck but overclocking your 965 to 4GHz+ will help...
  3. Ive tried overclocking it and it has not been stable. Even small marginally overclocks.

    You say the increase wont be significant enough to justify the expense..

    Are we talking 50->60 fps or 50->53?
  4. In bf3 64 man multi, you will see considerable gains in fps maybe from 50 -> 60 or something of that sort

    But in normal bf3 campagin or 32 man, not too much gains
  5. Lemme say it like this:

    The i5 2500k costs 200% of the price of the 965 whilst delivering 125% of the performance. With other numbers: 2x the price, 1.25x the performance.

    Ain't worth it.
  6. My setup : Q6600 2.4Ghz quadcore + 8GB RAM, ATI 5850 , Monitor resolution: 1680x1050

    Whenever i play BF3 on high setting at stock 2.4Ghz, i always got like 12FPS to 28FPS (64players map).After i overclocked cpu to 3.5Ghz, my FPS never drop below 20fps in 64 Players map( 22FPS to 44FPS) i think.

    If you can, just overclock your cpu. Don't upgrade now because new intel processor will come out soon( Haswell). Or maybe you can wait for Broadwell= 2014.
  7. I would say more than 125% performance but I agree with the general sentiment
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    We're talking 50->60 or more, you might as well go for it. Though i guess wait till June for Haswell? At least that's what i'm doing, i have a Core 2 Quad Q8400. Could only OC by 4%. But then my performance is as good as an A8-3570K, and you can see where that lies on the charts...,3370-16.html

    Then of course:

    This is single player:

    I think it is worth the upgrade, because you get a overall platform upgrade too, faster performance everywhere, and games of course.

    Though i'd still suggest waiting for Haswell. Probably be the last DDR3 desktop platform, the fastest DDR3 desktop platform (+10% over Ivy) and the most power efficient. Better QuickSync, more x86 extensions, etc.
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