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I bought an ARCTIC F12 Pro 120mm case fan and put it to the side of my case, well today my foot kind of touched it by accident ( computer is on the ground right next to my leg ) and one of the blades of the fan broke off, the case started vibrating, sound was horrible, and rpm was 900 from usual 1500-1700..

i was just wondering if i could return the fan ( has warranty ) or buy a new one?

forgot to mention, i had 2 of them and 1 of them ran 1550-1600 rpm and other one 1750-1800 rpm
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  1. It would be better off to just buy a new fan. It's only a 120mm so it shouldn't be too expensive. Also warranties never cover end-user damage. Don't want to send it back, paying S&H, just to find your rma is rejected.
  2. In general it's not worth it to RMA anything under $20. Plus, you broke it.

    The difference in rpm isn't a big deal, for a fan in this price range you'll see some variation based on fan construction, mounting location, and how much power it's getting from the MB or PS.
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