Computer wont turn on!

I have just bought the following components:
Corsair Value Select (1333Mhz) 4GB

The problem is that the motherboard has 8 pin atx connector for the CPU and I resued my old PSU Mercury KC8200 (450W) which has only 1X12V rail connector.I had properly installed all the components, but when I tried to power up the system it won't turn on, not even the PSU. I suspect the following:

1.It will only turn on if I connect both 2X12V rails for my CPU.
2.PSU is dead( very least possiblity cause I tested just two days before)
3.Motherboard is dead.

Even in many forums I read that computer will power up with just 1X12V connector installed.So I am really confused now.Please help me out!!!
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  1. I found out. The board was shorting with the chassis and hence it failed to start..
    Thanks guys for the no of reads... ;) .
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