Laptop fan after fell down.

I accidentally dropped my laptop Toshiba L745 from a meter height just now. I ran toshiba diagnostic test to see if there any damage on the components and the HD and everything seems fine. Even my laptop is working fine, there's no damage. Then i use Defraggler apps, when using it my laptop lets out a slow but hot airflow from its fan.

I used Toshiba PC Health Monitor and Speed Fan to monitor the tempt.
The temperature went up to 64 - 69 degree cel. and the fan speed (from PC healt monitor) is around 80-92% . It let out hot but slow airflow. The fan noise is loud, but nothing's weird about it. Is there something wrong with my laptop fan? Should i be worried about the fall?
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  1. Well im supprised the hard disk is ok, a metre is not a good height to drop any laptop....

    You may have dislodged some dust in to the fan or even the fan housing a little so it may not be spinning as good...

    I would get a technician to look at it as far as you !
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