Codmw3 slow

i dont know why when i am playing mw3 in highest setting and msaa x 4 , my fps is around 40 - 45 , i am useing hd 7870
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  1. What are your other computer specs? And what resolution are you playing at?

    - Jake
  2. 1440x900
    i7 3770
    16 gb ram 1600mhz
  3. jacky2 said:
    i7 3770
    16 gb ram 1600mhz
    Well its definitely not a specs problem. Do you have the latest drivers installed for your 7870?

    - Jake
  4. 12.7 beta
  5. jacky2 said:
    12.7 beta
    Did you recently update your drivers? If so, have the problems only occurred after that?

    You might want to try downgrading your drivers if that is true...

    - Jake
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