700$ (ish) build - suggestions?

So I've been jumping around on everything from graphics cards to motherboards to spending money and to saving money. Namely going from the idea that I would never leave ASUS and go for the p8z77-v-lx, then jumping to the full V, then p8z68-v-le, then Giga's z77-dh3, Asrocks Pro4 MVP and only to finally settle on the Extreme4.

This is what I've come up with. Mind you, no GPU, OS or peripherals have been added. A GPU will be added 3-4 months down the track when I have any time for gaming. Which it'd be used for BF3 if it's still kickin' and most importantly Rome: 2 down the track. Overclocking will also be done once I begin gaming.

For now, I just want a fast computer that can be upgraded to something decent - since this one feels like I'm on windows 94 or 5 or whatever with it's speeds.

Anyway, these are all Australian prices purchased from MSY.

Mobo: Asrock Extreme4 - $145
CPU: i5-3570K - $233
Case: Thermaltake Versa II with 500W PSU - $72
Ram: 8GIG AMD performance (1333) - $24
Optical: ASUS Black 24x DVD-RW Writer - $23
SSD: Samsung 830 (64G) - $66

HDD: I'm split, the 1TB Caviar Black is 20$ more than the 1TB Caviar Blue - is the black worth the 20$ performance increase? (Blue - $84)

TOTAL with caviar blue - $647

I'm not really willing to spend too much more on the initial build. What do you guys think?
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  1. Save the money and go with the blue. But what about the gpu, psu and os? Also spend $10-20 and get some DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800). Good luck!
  2. GPU's for 3ish months, maybe a bit more down the track. PSU comes with the case and the OS isn't needed - already have one. :)

    Although, if I decided not to overclock - would it be reasonable to drop down and save a truck load of money to the AsRock H77-pro4-MVP and an i3-3220. What graphical settings/performance would I get with these two items plus something like a 6870.
  3. I really recommend you watch for a sale and buy a 120gig ssd as they are constantly on sale for 70-80.
  4. Any other suggestions? Particulary the MOBO.
  5. Personally i have had very bad experiences with Asrock motherboards and i have 3 of those that burned out with weird reasons. I would advice you to opt for Asus or Gygabite instead. Gyga and Asus are the most solid boards i've ever seen and owned.
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