Want a desktop for home video editing & general home use

I'm looking to buy a new desktop that will become the family computer (limited use: iTunes, internet browsing, Word/Excel document processing), but I also need it to be able to handle my home video editing (both HD and standard def video). I do not plan on playing any games on this computer.

I currently have Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 Ultimate that I would install

In looking around it seems I need at least the following specs:

quad-core processor
dedicated graphics card

I've been looking at systems with the Intel Core i5-2320, i5-2400, i5-3450, i7-2600, i7-3770

My price range is $500 - $675

I'm ok with manufacturer refurbished machines

It's a possibility that I could get a system without a dedicated graphics card, and then purchase and install one separately (I have a relative that works for nVidia so I may be able to get a good one for cheap), but then I might need to switch out the PSU for more wattage, right?

I would like some advice on what type of machine would give me the best bang for my buck, and also whether I really need to spend the extra on an i7 vs an i5 if I'm not using it for gaming. Maybe the i5 is sufficient? Also need advice on what graphics card I should be looking at.

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  1. A $675 editing machine will be quite difficult to do, but its possible.

    CPU: AMD FX-8150. $190
    An i7 would be better, but at this price point sinking $330 into the CPU alone isnt possible. This should perform somewhat close though.

    Mobo: AsRock 970 Pro3 AM3+. $70

    RAM: G.Skill Ares 16GB (4x4GB) 1600Mhz CL9 1.5v. $80

    PSU: XFX Core 550W. $65 ($10 rebate)

    HDD: 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM. $90

    GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD7750. $95 ($10 rebate)
    This is to serve as little more than a video output, the FX CPU and the mobo do not support integrated graphics. Could get some limited gaming performance from it though.

    Case: Zalman Z9+. $60 ($10 rebate)

    Cost: $650 before rebates, shipping and deals.
  2. http://www.microcenter.com/product/388579/Core_i5_3450_31GHz_LGA_1155_Processor
    40.00 (black case. I have this without the blue led fans).
    60.00 after rebate.
    $598.00 without tax or shipping.

    24.00 better heat sink then the intel one with the cpu.
    also the
    109.00 with rebate.
    90.00 with rebate..i have this board it a nice board for the price for a one video card non overclocking rig.
    any good 4 core i-5 going to be fine in your rig. you can save some money by not buying the unlock k chips if your not going to overclock. with ram start with 8g if you need more buy the same kit and have 4 slot filled with 4g dimms.
    have an ssd is going to make windows and your video editing software fly. a nvidia gtx650ti should be fine for a video edit rig.
    if you have more money or your friend can help drop in a 660/660ti. i would use the onboard ipgpu and the ssd then add the video card latter.
  3. Would something like this work for my purposes?


    I would assume the GPU is not great but I'm not using it for gaming, only home movie video editing.
  4. IMO for my editing on a tight budget, the FX-8150 is the best option. The machine specced in that link is more of a gaming machine, a quad core with 8GB of RAM. For editing you need a bit more grunt in the CPU and double the memory.

    When it comes to video editing, the GPU doesn't really play a role. Unless its a dedicated Quadro or Firepro card, but they are designed with video rendering as its usage.

    Also that GPU is worse than the one I suggested above.
  5. Since you are OK with refurbished, have you checked out the Dell outlet store? You can get some amazing deals there. The trick is to be patient and wait until they have something that would suit you in stock and wait until you can get a coupon for 20-30% off. Depending on what you want you may have a long or short wait. The coupons come out about every other week it seems. Check the twitter link on the outlet page. For example, a couple of weeks ago I got a basic computer for my wife. No gaming or video editing necessary. $357 for everything except the monitor and speakers. The CPU (Core i5-3450s), hard drive and windows alone would cost more than that to buy. If your patient, you should be able to get something that meets your needs even if you just have to add more ram or swap in a better GPU.
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