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ok let me start off by saying im not that good when it comes to computers. ok so im currently running ATI Radeon HD 5670 and a Viper Xtreme 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3 Ram. when i open up dxdiag it shows 4096MB RAM and 2770MB for my Display now i try plugging my other Viper Xtreme 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3 Ram now when i check my dxdiag it shows 8gb for ram and my Display drops to 756MB

can anybody please tell me whats happening. i need enlightenment :??:

i asked a friend who i thought knew about this stuff and he said maybe its my OS? and i recently upgraded for W7 Home Premium to Ultimate.. same thing.. :cry:

can anybody please help me out i wanna run on 8gb ram and 2770 Display.. Thanks!
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  1. are you running 64bits w7 or 32bits?

    Those 2770Mb of memory is only reserved for display, in real life they do not count or have any effect. The only video memory that really matters is the amount of dedicated video memory that comes with your video card and I am assuming yours in 512mb.

    Go to desktop, right click and select screen resolution to find out the allocation of reserved video memory and the dedicated video memory.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply uhh it says Dedicated is 1024 and shared is 1775 and yes im running 64
  3. yep there you go. So you have 1024mb of video memory in your system.
  4. oh okay, so it doesn't matter what the dxdiag shows? i will always have 1g of vid? does this mean i can plug my other ram stick? cuz like i said everytime i do, dxdiag shows 750-ish vid display.. or maybe i may have misunderstood "total memory" all this time..
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    yes plug it in without any worries.
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