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I ave a radeon 5870 and just the stock managing software for it (CCC) i have it run automatically but lately its been getting very noisy. I go into CCC and change the fan speed to 20% to quiet it down but its still noisy as anything. Its not hot or anything as it is very noisy even at 40 centigrade. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this.
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  1. It could be that the fan is simply noise but I'd check for dust or hair. I once had a CPU cooler that was noisy because it was hitting a wire on every spin
  2. i don't mind with fan noisy when run at high perform
  3. the fan isn't noisy well it is when running at high performance gaming and such but even if i manually set it to 20% i noticed no difference in sound compared to when its at 50%. I've never had this before and had the card for a while so will try give it a good clean, though bit annoying having to remove the enclosure and all that do to it properly. Thanks for the help anyway :)
  4. ok ive given it all a thorough cleaning and about the only difference now is the noise is louder as the fans can move more lol. :( any other ideas?
  5. If the fans are louder with less dust then put more dust on them!
    Seriously now try reading this it might help
  6. cool will have to try that out soon thanks mate hopefully that works, its driving me insane.
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