Intel Core i3-2120 vs G620

Hi guys
I have a budget of £100 and im currently using a pentium G620 .. and in most games and applications its suprisingly capable .. together with a GTX550ti and 8gb of 1333mhz ram it runs most games at medium to high detail
however my question is would the "Intel Core i3-2120 "( ) be a worthwhile upgrade or would it be wasted
as with all upgrades your looking for a improvement,and my last upgrade ( a 128gb ssd ) was probally the best ive ever done .. but i dont want to buy this core i3 2120 and see little if any improvement in performance
obviously a core i5 would be the better choice however the cheapest is £139 which is over my budget ...
ive even considered buying the "AMD Athlon X4 750K Black Edition"( ) along with the MSI FM2-A55M-E33 AMD A55 ( ) giving me a quad core however would this be faster than the pentium G620 on a H61 chipset motherboard
any advice guys will be much appreciated
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  1. The difference in performance between those two is roughly 25% which doesn't make the upgrade worthwhile IMO.
    Athlon is even less of an upgrade.
  2. what about a GTX650 to replace the GTX550ti... however from what ive seen the memory bandwidth is only 80gb/sec compared to 98gb/sec with the GTX550ti... granted core and memory clocks are better and its kepler .. however again its a slight upgrade ....
  3. I'd say get an FX 6100 and couple it with a 7870 which is much faster than what others are suggesting
  4. Best choice is first upgrade to gpu like hd 7850 and then save up money and get i5.i3 is not worthwile upgrade.
  5. yes get a 7850 that will solve all your problems
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