Best Graphics Card for my Situation? Under $100 PLEASE.

I currently own a HP 7680n. Here are my requirements. I'm new to graphics cards so forgive me if something doesn't make sense.

- Dual DVI Connections or similar. (I want 2+ monitors)
- No power connector necessary (draws power from motherboard)
- 450 watt power supply is enough (i slightly upgraded my stock one)
- single card slot... or double if you experts feel my PC can accommodate it.
- brand with some customer support.
- PCI Express? See below link to see if I'm correct.
- Under $50 is ideal... but I'll gladly do $100 more if it benefits a non-gamer like myself.

I hear a graphics card upgrade makes a noticeable difference? It comes stock with GeForce 7300 LE and any insight into what difference I can expect... please let me know.

See below CNET Link for details....;rnav
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  2. It really depends on what you're hoping will get a performance boost from upgrading graphics cards. Your GPU is about as bad as they come, so I'm guessing you're not doing anything graphics intensive currently. What do you want to use your computer for, and what's not running well at the moment?
  3. Look at the back of the box. If it has VGA and DVI you can run two monitors.
  4. I'll be using this often for HD movies and sometimes for Video Editing.
  5. This will drive the monitors without tripping:

    $63 after rebate and has VGA, DVI, and HDMI so any monitor shouldn't present a problem.
  6. My vote goes to hd6670 DDR5 version for only $12 more after rebate. The DDR5 would give you noticeably better performance over the DDR3 even if you dont game, the higher bandwidth should help out for video processing and running video intense applications.
  7. All of the above are great option, if you want to take the nvidia side, you have something like the gt 640.
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