DirectX 10/11 help for my new pc!

Hello again guys!

I was planning on buying this barebones PC:

But one problem is, I was going to fit it with an Nvidia GTX 560 ti to play some decent games and then upgrade the RAM at a later date but the motherboard is apparently DirectX 10

does this make a difference, or will the Graphics card override that?

Is the Gpu even compatible?

Will this PC run bf3 on high?

Hope you can help me :3 Thanks
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  1. DX10 motherboard? I have no idea what gave you that impression.. You must have a DX11 capable GPU with a DX11 capable operating system. That means Windows 7 or 8.
  2. What?
  3. Yes the GPU is compatible and will override on board graphics. It will probably run BF3 on high.
  4. Basically i typed in 750G (the series of the motherboard that it says on the website) and it was saying that it has DX10 technology so i was quite disappointed, sorry if it made no sense to you :na:

    Im no IT expert myself, I just came here for help :)
  5. the dx10 technology it's referring to is the on-board graphics that comes on the motherboard, which will be disabled once you install a dedicated GPU
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