Should i wait till next year to build a gaming pc

i wont have the money for my ideal gaming pc till about december or january, but i have been wanting a gaming pc for almost a year (my xbox sucks) is it worth it to build one in december when alot of the next gen stuff will be coming out within a few months of that time? or should i wait till next summer to build one? and will a 1200 dollar system(including monitor and os) run games on atleast medium for two years? cause i have about 900 bucks and i could probly get 300 more by november. idealy i was gonna build a 1500-2000 dollar gaming rig. if i get a lower spec'ed system now i have no problem building a new awesome system next summer and then i could use the ne i build now for when friends come over and stuff. probly a dumb question but i really dont want to wait till next summer!
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    a 1200 dollar rig will run games at high for around 3 years or so. then medium and so forth but you can upgrade

    the waiting cycle keeps going just saying.
  2. If you feel ready to build this year, then build!

    when the system starts to get weak, you can upgrade it piece by piece.

    What i do is every Christmas around bonus time, ill spend a little money on a new part, that way when somethng gets outdated, its a relatively cheap fix vs buying a whole new rig.
  3. ok, so maybe ill just wait till i have 1200-1300 and then build
  4. graphics cards and stuff should be cheaper by then anyway
  5. my personal plan is a $600-800 build every 30 months or so.
  6. dingo07 said:

    what does that have to do with anything?
  7. Waiting until next summer with an Xbox sounds torturous:) I'd build in December. I'm in a similar situation. I'm keeping an eye out for deals on things like SSD's, power supply and such that pop up all the time and waiting on things like the GPU which will probably go down in price. The CPU decision is more interesting considering the changes coming. You should be able to get a lot of computer for $1200 bucks in any case. By building yourself you gain the knowledge to extend it's life with small upgrades for a long time.
  8. computernoob29 said:
    what does that have to do with anything?

    you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out...

    obviously if they're discontinuing processors (that the Majority of people on this forum are suggesting) - it would be wise to either purchase one that they are not discontinuing or wait for the new batch that will surely be obsolete further down the road
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