AMD FirePro V4800 and 3 Monitor and Resolution problem


I have recently bought new AMD FirePro V4800 gfx card. and i have two main issues with it.

First let me describe my configuration:
i am having Advantech PC with "PCE-5126QG2-00A1E" motherboard,
& 3 LG Make 22" LCD monitors with only VGA port available on it.
now that V4800 only has two Display port and one DVI port, i bought two Display port to VGA converter and one DVI to VGA converter in order to connect three monitors.

but when i connect the system and install the driver, it only detects two monitors. the third screen remains blank. talking to the vendor i learnt that if i change "Display port to VGA converter" to "Display port to 2-VGA output converter" it will detect the third monitor, that is still to be tried, but if that is true then what is the point for having three port on gfx card? but anyway that is the first problem, is there any way to make it detect third monitor without buying extra converter?

Second problem is that, both my monitors are able to go upto 1280x1020 resolution only even they are capable of taking higher resolution e.g. 1920x1080, if i set higher resolution than 1280x1020 than it says "Out of range", i have tested monitors independently (with other PC) to take 1920x1080 resolution, then why it is limited to such lower resolution with v4800?
when i look at the confusing specs on AMD website, it seems V4800 is able to support 3 monitors without having any resolution problem. can anyone please let me know what am i doing wrong here?
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  1. AMD says:
    - Each ATI FirePro™ V4800 graphics card supports up to three independent displays using one DisplayPort connector and one dual-link DVI connector (cables not included).
    - Only one single link DVI connector is included, additional DVI require adapters (one single link DVI included, dual linked DVI sold separately).

    What happens here is a split of the two channels of the DVI-Port for two monitors. That should work for your setup, because both channels are only needed for resolutions above 1600*1200.

    Your max resolution problem: try to reduce the refresh rate! Your monitors might not be identified right via the VGA-adaptors and refresh rate set to 60Hz, but they only support 50Hz at max resolution?

    what is the point for having three port on gfx card? Most users will have monitors with different, but digital input today. For them it's nice to have either two displayports or one displayport and one DVI
  2. Hello noidea_77,

    Thank you for your reply,

    Yes, i now understand that i need to split up the DVI Connection using Dual LInk DVI to VGA connector for connecting two monitors.

    regarding the resolution settings, i use the catalyst control center utility provided with the card. but there seems to be no setting for changing refresh rate below 60, it only shows 60 in combo box. but anyway, i can try to set the resolution from windows utility directly. let's see if that helps will update you about it.

    but then it raises another question, if i reduce the refresh rate, i fear that i may experience the flicker on my screen, but anyway, is there anyway to verify that "what this card officially claims to support max resolution with 60 htz freq?"

    thanks again
  3. The card will support way more than 60Hz at this resolution! Your monitor doesn't support it. Take a look in the manual. Typically at the end of the document you should find a table with possible resolution/refresh rate combinations.
  4. @Youngster,

    The monitor i have is 22" LG make (model number E2242). i have tested my monitor with other computer (as a single display) and they can easily go upto 1920x1080. so i dont think its a monitor issue.
  5. LG E2242S doesn't go easily up to 1920x1080! This model support exactly one preset at this resolution and that is 60Hz. Try to learn how resolution and refresh rate are related. That may fix your problem.
  6. @noidea_77,

    well i have tested my monitors, and its working with 1920x1080, infact i m writing this reply from same monitor. but its perticularly not working with resolution on AMD FirePro v4800. so i guess its not a monitor issue. and besides that i dont find any place in windows or AMD utility to set refresh rate manually.
  7. I have the same problem, only 60Hz in combo box.My monitor was used in 85Hz with my old graphics card, so the monitor can't be the problem.Any other explication?
  8. I am having a similar issue. I have a clean install of Windows 8 on a dell T1500 with a v4800 graphics card. Formerly this machine had Windows 7 installed with three monitors individually plugged into each of the three ports on it with all monitors working properly. With Windows 8 installed and using the latest x64 Windows 8 driver from AMD the third display does not work. All of the ports are functional. I have moved the monitors around and as long as I only use two monitors I can put them on any of the two ports. All three monitors are the exact same type from Dell. I have tried different monitors, uninstalled drivers, used older Win 7 drivers, etc.,etc. Nothing works. The monitor shows up as a third display under "Screen Resolution" but when I try to extend the desktop it does not permit me to save the settings. The display just stays black on the "Screen Resolution" page and will not enable.
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