E7500 + GTX650Ti ? Minor or huge bottleneck?

First of all, hello. I am a new user on this forum and sorry if im posting this on the wrong place, or if there is a similar topic.

Currently i have a E7500 @2,93GHz, 4GB of DDR2 ram and a HD4350 ( Its a Dell PC, i do understand they suck for gaming but when i bought i didnt play any games )
2 days ago i purchased a GTX650Ti ( Gigabyte, 1GB version ) and a decent PSU for it.

I want to know if my GTX650Ti is going to get bottlenecked by my E7500 to the point that i should NOT have purchased it. They havent shipped me the card yet, and i can return it after 7 days.

How big of a bottleneck will i face on games like FarCry 3, Crysis 3, BF3 Multiplayer, League Of Legends, Starcraft II etc..
I dont need anything that runs these games maxed out 1080p. I just want my FPS higher than 30 with no dips.

So pretty much those are my questions, oh and btw would a C2Q Q8200 help me out on my FPS? And OC is NOT an option, because my dell motherboard is terribad.

Thanks anyway =)

Full config:

C2D E7500 2,93GHz
DG33M06 Dell MoBo
4GB DDR2 Dual Channel RAM
HD4350 512MB DDR2
500GB Sata II HD
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  1. It would be fine.there will be only bottleneck in cpu intensive games like battlefied 3(multiplayer).but you will able to get playable fps and other games will run good.upgrading to core q 8200. will increase performance.
  2. OH you have no idea how happy i am to hear this. Thanks for replying!
    I am going to save and get a brand new rig next xmas so i wont stick with this for too long =)
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