Virtue, 2xDVI and 1xHDMI?

Hi, Ive been researching this all day, but need to have it confirmed before Ill buy the HDMI-HDMI cable.

So I have this setup;

P8Z68-v PRO
Win 7 64 bit pro.

What I am doing;

2 x 24" on DVI on the 6970.

What I wanna do;

2 x 24" on DVI on the 6970, and 1x HDMI from the motherboard to my 50" plasma carrying sound, making i 3x monitors and not stretched - so 2x 1920x1200 + 1x 1920x1080. Can I do this with virtue? And how would my BIOS settings look? What do I need to install?

Alternatively I could run it on the eyefinity but that would cost me DP adapter of like.. 50$ + the cable

Hope you' guys will help me out: )
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  1. I have never used virtu before so I don't know for sure if this is possible but I am going to assume not, and especially not with eyefinity. Also you cannot use monitors of differing resolution. You would need to put the 2x 1920x1200 into 1920 x 1080. It probably wouldn't even be viable since a 50" TV is much taller than 24" monitors
  2. Im sorry, what? Ofcourse I can use monitors of different resolution. I do that at work, and I have done it before on older setups.. 50" isnt taller in ratio.. its smaller.
  3. Oh sorry, I was thinking you wanted to do an Eyefinity setup for gaming, if not then yes it would work fine. Once again not entirely sure about the HDMI question but someone else can probably answer you on that front.

    In short, my bad. :/
  4. Hehe, no problem, was totally confused by your answer :) Youre right about eyefinity and resolution + sizes tho.
  5. It doesn't seem anyone else has seen this thread yet unfortunately. I have however found this thread for you:

    Hopefully that could reassure you? I would just drop the 5 bucks on an HDMI cord and try it out tbh.
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