Fx 6300 showing has a 4 core

hi guys

i need some some help i just upgraded my cpu form a fx 4170 to a fx 6300 and windows is saying it a 4 core cpu and not a 6 core i done all the updates from windows and bios too and still showing as a 4 core and prime 95 is saying its a 4 core and cpuz too saying 4 cores


please could some one help me

M.B asrock 990fx extreme 3

thanks simon
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  1. go to task manager and see how many threads are available, should be 6. i would say its windows system information not showng things properly. Otherwise, go into bios and makes sure all cores are enabled, even try hard reset the motherboard bios.
  2. ^ +1
    I would go into the BIOS and see If all the cores are enabled. If not, Enable them.

    Cheers :)
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