No display from computer??

Just got my computer today in the post

It has a 480gtx

Ive connected a hdmi wire from my hd screen, to a mini hd converter thing and into the back of the pc.

Nothing displays help please?
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  1. could you elaborate on this converter thing?
  2. I only had a hdmi cable and the port at the back of my computer is a mini hdmi socket, so i put thr hdmi cable into a hdmi adapter that i bought and fit it to the back of my computer
  3. oh okay, so it's just an HDMI to mini-HDMI converter. I see that the GTX 480 has only a mini-HDMI port.

    Does your motherboard have an output for integrated graphics?
  4. No it doesnt. :(
  5. Well I think, there might be a problem with your RAM so might wanna check if the ram module is fitted properly or try it in a different slot.
  6. well now you've got the superfun job of diagnosing the problem. Do you have another PC that you can swap components with?
  7. The prev owner said it was ok for him using a dvi connection and told me to try tht so iam going to purchase one and try it. What do you guys think, and yes but its a terribly old and weak computer compared to this...
  8. try it with a DVI. Buying second hand PCs is never a good idea, especially if they're shipped because many people will not pack them correctly.
  9. Right guys i FIXED this :D, i bought a DVI to VGA display and connected to my HDTV, But it still didnt display and was all black something to do with the Hz. so i found my old PC Monitor and used that instead and WALAH, it came on :D

    Some Quick questions i know its not in the right area but dont want to make a whole new thread.

    my HDD is not showing up and i cant save to it. Do i Format the primary partition that was there?
    also what is the use of a ethernet controller its in my computer and my internet was only showing 7mbps when its meant ot be 30mbps so i went on the program big foot network killer and notched it up and it went up? what is this used for ?

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