XEON E5430 QC 2.66G 12MB KIT $138 bucks??

Can anyone tell me the deal with this cpu? http://www.hookbag.ca/product/H3C00U5YX/bx80574e5430p-intel
Its listed at $138 on hookbag.ca and over $1000 on other sites.. I've also found it at any price in between. This cpu looks like a winner wit 12mb of cache.. It would be an upgrade for my wifes gaming rig since her amd system is giving her problems we decided no more amd. Can anyone tell me if this cpu would be good for gaming? I remember back in the day xeon were server cpus..
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  1. That's a server processor, bad for gaming and you need a mobo that supports it. Beside that: if you have problems with you old rig, it's sure not related to amd.
  2. no its the asus board the amd is in. Constant beep codes and errors. The amd boards are junk which is why we decided to go intel.
  3. Xeons are still server and high end workstation processors. The E5430 is core 2 quad Q6600 era, about 5 years old. The smallest motherboards that support it are ATX, most are proprietary, the memory needs to be ECC Registered, most often FB-Dimms, or the system won't even start and costs a bomb.

    I would suggest you go for a modern Sandy/Ivy Bridge i3/i5.
  4. theres no point to buy that. the cost just of the mobo would exceed what the chip cost.

    not made for mainstream users.
  5. ^ pretty much all that has been said

    The 1155 Xeon E3's are a different story though :)
  6. yep. there a best bang for bucks for editing and design if u dont need overclock
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