Amd fx 6100 bottleneck?

i was thinking of selling my 7850 for the 660 or 660 ti but i was wondering if my cpu will bottleneck with the 660 or 660 ti? and which gpu is better 7850 or the 660's? my friends are also telling me my 6100 is bottlenecking my 7850. is that true at all?
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  1. You won't get a bottleneck, you can overclock the cpu, see if you're getting the same fps in all resolutions, either at 720p or 1080p.
    The 660 gtx is better, but i don't think it's worth paying for a 660 gtx, when you have already a decent card, but if you can sell it for a good price, it might be worth it.
  2. You need minimum hd 7970 or gtx 670 to be consider worthwile upgrade.overclock that cpu and it might bottleneck due to poor single threated performance.
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