New video card upgrade suggestions?

Hello everyone!

I have an HP Pavilion p6404y

It comes with an Nvidia Geforce 9100 integrated graphics.

About a year ago I got a recertified PNY Geforce 210 card for about $25.

However - I think the card is starting to die.

I'd l ike to replace this card.

Keep in mind I am not a strong gamer - the only games I play are Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Playstation emulators - so I need a video card strong enough for that - however I don't need a top of the line over $100 video card.

My question is - which card would you recommend? Here's what I want. I want something that will fit into my computer without having go upgrade to a more powerful power supply or bigger case - just something that will fit in easily.

Also I know some of the cards have fans to help cool them - do they have to be plugged in somewhere - or are they powered by the slot?

I am legally blind and can't see/work on the computer myself.

My girlfriend put in the Geforce 210 for me all by herself and it was her first time working inside a computer.

Does anyone have any suggestions that are better than the integrated graphics and geforce 210 - but not high end andexpensive? It doesn't need to be a huge performance boost.

I do use Zoomtext which is a screen enlarging software - and having an okay card seems to help with it.
If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.
Thank you!
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    Really really budget card. It doesn't eat up much power as well.
    With emulators for the SNES anyway, its the CPU doing the work, and if you want to watch a hi def movie once in a while, it will do fine.
  2. Hello,
    I notice this card says x16 2.1 pci-e card.
    If you look at the specs for my motherboard it says pci-e x16 2.0 slot (or something like that).

    So will that card work?
  3. I forgot to add that the card must have DVI output as my monitor only has DVI and VGA. HDMI is not included.

    I want a card that is better than the Nvidia Geforce 210 - but not high end - is there a nice card in the middle around 40 to 60 that will work - without upgrading the power supply and case? I just want it to work with my existing HP Pavilion p6404y.

  4. How about this card?

    It's an Sapphire Radeon HD 5450

    Something tells me this is on par with a Nvidia Geforce 210 though.
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