Newbie Building his first Build (Specs)

Hi :lol:

I've used the same terrible computer for the last sixish years, used it to play games and other uses.

I spent last Summer working and finally have enough money to build one. Being sixteen, it literally took the entire Summer to earn $1100, and I'm ready to spend it all on a custom PC.

I have a list of parts, but before I bought, I wanted to ask a few pros about how my specs are, so can anyone here check my specs and tell me if they're fine?

I want to be able to play any up to date game, Minecraft, Skyrim, BB3, CSS, Gmod, and others.

I also want to use it for family uses, like saving pictures, videos, Word documents, etc.

So here's my list, what do you think?

cpu - i5 3570k $215

cpu cooler - cm hyper 212 evo $31

mobo - asrock z77 extreme4 $128

memory - corsair vengeance 8gb low profile $40

hdd - wd blue 500gb $63

gpu - msi 660 $237
*** or maybe only $10 more ***

case - zalman z11 plus $50

psu - antec 520w $47

optical drive - lg $17

monitor - asus vh232h 23" $154

os - windows 7 $90

total is $1072ish
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  1. You picked some nice parts. I have the Hyper 212+ CPU cooler and it's great. Pick the EVGA over MSI for your video card.

    Only two things I would change:
    1. SSD. If you can can squeeze out another 80-100 bucks for a 120GB boot drive, it's totally worth it.
    2. PSU. Antec is OK, but since you're building a nice rig, you might want to look at Seasonic. They are some of the best out there, but you're going to spend about twice as much as the Antec.
  2. Spend a bit more on the GPU and try to get a 7850 or 7870. Both of which are better than the 560Ti. Besides that it looks fine although when I get home from work I'll look at it closer.

    In the long run this PSU is cheaper but only after the rebate.

    Lastly to save some money try putting the parts into this website.
  3. I'd stick with a cheaper buy still good PSU like the one you and I listed to save money and put it into the GPU. Same thing with SSD although they're nice it's more beneficial to have a better GPU. Also you can always add a SSD in the future but you'd have to do a fresh install of windows so that the OS is one the faster SSD and not the slower HDD.
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