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Asus 7870 for $250 CAD after MIR, good deal?

I've been in the market for a graphics card for a while now, but I really don't want to spend over $200 (for some reason that's a psychological barrier for me, as I will consider making a purchase of a graphics card for like $189.99 MUCH more, than I'd consider a card for $209.99) and I've been looking at the 7850 for a long time now. I've been anxiously awaiting a price drop, and/or the release of the gtx 660/660 Ti. But this seems like a really good deal, because isn't the 7870's MSRP ~$300?

The other thing is, the 7870 doesn't seem to be THAT much better than the 7850, and everyone seems to love how much cooler the 7850 runs and how well it OC's. ALSO, the main thing I love about the 7850 is that it only requires ONE 6-pin PCI-E power connector.

So, is it an amazing deal that I need to pounce on? Or should I just continue waiting for a price drop (after doing so much waiting I would really love to upgrade, but by this point waiting more really doesn't feel that much more difficult).

Here's the link, btw:
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    At this moment, it should be considered a crazy deal cause even a hd7850 would sell for higher than $250. And asus direct cu II is a good model too.

    Maybe, after 2months when the gtx660ti would finally hit the market on full scale, the price of the hd7870 would go down to that level. But for now, its an awesome deal.

    and despite what the benchmarks say, hd7870 is actually a lot better than the hd7850 cause you can easily oc it to match the 7950s. With Asus gpu tweak app, it'd a piece of cake for anyone.
  2. Well I don't really want to OC my GPU until I feel it just isn't up to par with the competition anymore (basically when I start considering an upgrade) so that's really not too much of a contributing factor for me. Also, yes I definitely agree that it is a pretty insane deal considering (as you mentioned) even some 7850s are more expensive!

    However, the fact that it requires two 6-pin power connectors is a REAL turn off. At this point I think I can probably just hold off. I hate to pass up such a good deal, but I'm just not sure if it's the right deal for me. :(
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