Can my HX 750 run 2 gtx 680's in sli

Im trying to find out whether or not my Corsair hx 750 psu can run two Nvidia gtx 680's in sli mode

I plan to use these cards to run nvidia surround and need to know if ill have enough power to run my system without my psu dieing after only a few months

my system consists of:
AMD FX 8120 processor
asus sabertooth 990fx motherboard
corsair hx 750 psu
zotac gtx 680 graphics card
4x 4gb mushkin ddr3 dimms (1600mhz)
corsair H80 liquid cooler
intel 510 ssd 120gb
500 gb western digital 7200 rpm hard drive
sound blaster recon3d fatality edition sound card
Samsung CD/DVD reader and burner
nzxt dual 5.25" front bay fan controller
10 120mm led case cooling fans
2 cold cathode case lights
antec landboy air case
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  1. It's fine, two 680 gtx requires 53A on the +12V rail, you have 62A, that case with the psu "blowing" was at idle, probably defective, but the HX750 is a quality psu.
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