Is Roswill a good psu brand?

Or what are your top 3 brand names when it comes to PSU's?

This is what Im looking at right now. Trying to keep it under $100. I only need 500 watts, But a bit more can't hurt :kaola:
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  1. The Rosewill Fortress (manufactured by ATNG) is very good and expensive (as other quality PSUs like Seasonic).,2913.html Read it and you'll realize that Corsair, Antec and others only market them.
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    That's a high quality psu made by super flower, you'll have a good psu.
    Though, you can get the 750W modular for the same price after mir :
    Review of the 750W(it will be the same for the modular) :
  3. AHA see I knew you guys had better deals. Love it! I will of course take the 750. Thank you sir :bounce:
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