AMD FX-8150 3.6GHz 8-Core Processor concern

I am currently purchasing pieces to build a mid $800 gaming PC, and so far am happy with the components I have. However, to stay on the safe side, I wanted to ask if the CPU I plan to purchase (the one on the title) is good for the gaming rig I have planned, or can I purchase a better one AT that price range? The link to the rig is here:

If you have any other suggestions please share, I've already made other threads regarding some other pieces of this, but it doesn't hurt to double check :) Thanks
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    I would do 8320 for an extra $20 or get a 6300. The 6300 can be overclocked to reach performance of a 8350, and more easily with the 8320 lol The 8150 is not a bad cpu its just piledriver is such a big improvement over bulldozer. Most would put in purchasing to performance order as 8350>8320>6300>8150>8120, The 8350 is going for $190, and 8320 for $175, and 6300 for $130
  2. I actually saw though that the 8150 is almost exactly similar to the 8350 in terms of turbo and overclocking, so how serious is the improvement piledriver brings over the bulldozer? I'm pretty new to all of this so excuse me if some of my questions sound ignorant or obvious to anyone lol

    NEVER MIND ON THIS, saw a sale for the 8320 and am gonna get that :) Thanks!
  3. I actually saw a sale that has an 8320 at the same price for an 8150, so I'm gonna get the 8350. Thanks! :)
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  5. I would def get a piledriver fx 83xx as the 8350 can reach an i5. Also i helped my bro in law build another oc with an 8150 like 2 weeks b4 piledriver came out lol which i would of told him to the 8350 lol
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