Office Home and Student 2007 reinstall issues

I had to uninstall Office Home and Student '07 due to a conflict with another program. Now that I have the other program back in line the Home/Student will not reinstall! I get a message that states
" The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable" Click OK or enter an alternate folder containing the installation package "Home StudentrWW.msi in the box below"
I'm clueless as to what I should enter, I'm not running on a network this is my home computer I use mainly for research and documentation of findings. I don't have a lot of fluff.
I just need to know what I can do to force this program to install because without it I can't access any of my documents because they are all in word 2007 and my other word program can't read them.
Any help is appreciated, I'm getting a little desperate here.
Thanks for helping.
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  1. Short term fix download File Format Converters from here
    if you have an old version of Office...
  2. Hi ResearchRat

    Microsoft have tools on their website for repairing corrupt Microsoft Installer system software

    I had a similar problem when I wanted to upgrade a program and it demanded that the original setup program be used to uninstall the software before the upgrade was run. So maybe pointing to the Office 2007 setup files (on CD/DVD or hard disk will work) if the installer fix does not work

    Earlier versions of MS Office (2000 onwards) can be made to read 2007/2010 docx / xlsx documents using the compatibility pack (as dodger46 said)


    Mike Barnes
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