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HDMI Audio to TV and sound card and GPU

I was using onboard Realtek sound chip on my EVGA Classified 760, I didn’t need a SPDIF cable to get hdmi video/audio to my TV thru my Sapphire VaporX 5870. I stopped using the Realtek onboard sound chip when I purchased the Claro Halo XT sound card a few months ago, i got the sound card configured for my 5.1 Sound System and everything on my PC from music to games works fine, but recently realized i could not get HDMI audio to my TV, I get video just fine. Do i need a cable from spdif out on mobo to the Claro Halo XT card ? There is no place to plug a SPDIF cable in, on the Video card ( 5870) what am i missing? my TV uses the HDMI out from my Video card. Should the Realktek chip be disabled in bios when a PCI Sound card is installed ? does disableing onboard sound chip interfere with the SPDIF ? or is SPDIF even required ? Thank You for any assistance.

Please help, Confused
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    Did you set the HDMI audio device as the default for Windows?
  2. Solved]- Yes, it was just a matter of refreshing the available sources in CCC and selecting HDMI Device in Windows

    Thanks for your help!
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