AMD FX-6300, cooler required?


Firstly, I am NOT overclocking, nor playing resource intensive games like Battlefield 3. This gaming machine is mostly for Minecraft and video rendering.
The important specs:

AMD FX-6300
ASUS M5A78L-M motherboard
450W dual rail PSU + 120mm case fan
InWin Mana 136 case (see picture) 1 x rear 120mm case fan, 1 x front 120mm case fan, 2 x top 120mm fans, 2 x side 120mm fans

Will I need a dedicated cpu cooler?
Another thing I'm unsure on, "450W dual rail PSU + 120mm case fan", is this powerful enough?

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  1. U should not need an after market cooler, as the stock should be sufficient for just rendering and minecraft. If u think temps r high, u should invent in a cooler like a cooler master tx3 for $20 as I would as i like knowing temps are never too high, and max temp if i remember is like 60c or something near there. My bro in laws 8150 only gets like 50c on the stock cooling under load with bf3 so i mean u shouldnt have an issue

    Power supply wise, u did not list the brand, but 450watts is more than enough to power ur system without a gpu, and i could power it with a gpu like a 7770, 650 ti, but u said ur not heavily gaming, so ur setup shouldnt use too much power, but if it came with the case or its a not well known brand id maybe consider getting a new one. If u dont trust it, then the best cheapest quality psu would be a corsair cx430 which is only usually $35-45
  2. Hi :)

    The golden rule is...NO overclocking...standard cooler is fine...

    Second answer..depends on WHICH Psu...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. @lazyboy - how easy is it to fit an after market cooler if I decide I need one later on?
    @Brett I'm not actually sure, the site doesn't give me the brand. The description of the psu leads me to believe it is an Antec VP-450. This one,

  4. I find its not to hard to add a cooler later, they usually come with directions, or u can find a video online if its a commonly bought one like a 212 evo or seomthing.

    Look on the psu for a model number or something u can type into google
  5. I would get an aftermarket cooler with your other build parts. I had to take the back plate off my mobo to install the hyper 212 evo. Removing the mobo later on to install it was not what I wanted to do. It was kind of a pain to install but it was my first aftermarket cooler since Athlon 64 3500+ if that tells you anything......
  6. You won't need to go to the extra work and expense of an aftermarket cooler for your situation. The stock cooler will do the job. I don't see a graphic card listed. Are you going to be using the on-board video? All the MB has is VGA analog output. No digital.
    If the PSU is an Antec, it should be fine.
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