Where can I get an EVGA gtx 570 Classified?

I know nvidia discontinued them when they came out with the 6XX line, but does anyone know where I can find an EVGA gtx 570 Classified?
I've looked around fairly extensively online, but everywhere I look they're "out of stock" (discontinued). :(


P.S. it's important that it's the Classified version, because I already have one and I'm looking for another to SLI.
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  2. Why? There are much better options available now.
  3. maxinexus said:
    Why? There are much better options available now.

    especially if buying in that (retail) price range...
    I can't see paying more that a regular GTX 570 pricing ($250ish), no higher.
  4. Well you can try

    Craigslist in your area


    Get a new GTX670
  5. Why not just buy a non-reference GTX 670 ? And sell your 570.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, I figured it was kind of a toss up: I would end up spending a little bit more money buying another 570 (as opposed to selling mine and buying a 670), but I would also get a little more performance out of dual 570's than a single 670.
    And as kind of a rule of thumb I try to wait at least 2 generations before upgrading just so that there is a real noticeable jump in performance from the product I had been using.

    Do you guys think this is faulty logic on my part, or is it just the inclination to upgrade to the newer technology whenever possible?
  7. you very logical since you have one GTX 570 already.
    but see the price you GPU is selling for used.?
    it might not be that hard to sell.
    and if this is about gaming only and not computing then the GTX 6 series is the way to go..
    but I do see your side about SLi GTX 570'a and it's possible performance.

    but note.....
    SLi is best with matching GPU's.
    I have SLi N560GTX-Ti Hawks (matching set) and that's the only way I roll..
    so you finding the match to your 570, well I showed you the price and the options.

    tough call..
  8. also I need to add the heat and power consumption you are getting into with SLi GTX 570's.
    plus what about possible bottleneck, what are the system specs.?
    VGA 02G-P4-2678-KR GeForce GTX 670 FTW 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16
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