Potential upgrades for e3300 system

Hi all,

I looking for some advice regarding an old build I want to upgrade. I recently gave my brother my old build to game with. Its a e3300 2.5ghz stock cooling (cannot OC as it heats up too much), HD2600PRO 215mb, with 3gigs of DDR2, PSU 450W.

I know the graphics are the main issue for now since he plays at 1440x900 and for some games like world of tanks even at low hav a max res of 1280x800 for smooth fps. I was thinking of getting a 7770 for about $90. Wondering if this is a good choice. And would adding more ram (2 more gb) be useful?

The major issue is whether or not to keep the e3300 or upgrade for about $50 to an used q6600 or even more extreme do a complete rebuild using newer chips. I hope to keep the upgrade project about $150 - $200 in total and the GPU already takes up at least bout 100.

He mainly plays some older fps like CSS, Battlefield play 4 free, Age of Empires, World of Tanks and maybe more fps in the future like global offensive and slightly more demanding games in the future but really not the cutting edge games. I hope for a system that could hopefully last about 3-4 years. Dropping to med settings is okay.


EDIT: There are some used 5770 or 6670 for about 35-50 and a new 640 for 60 as well as a new 6750 for 75. Are they viable options? And would that depend on the cpu i choose?
PS: The sale for the 7770 ends on the 30th.
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  2. I will go with the Q6600 and the HD 7770 Q6600 have a lot of overclocking potential
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    I would , Grab a Q6600 and a 7770 and OC' the CPU and with the cash left over grab some more ram. you will probs have maybe enough cash leftover to grab a decent aftermarket heatsink for the CPU.
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  5. stickmansam said:
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    nI hope all goes well with the upgrade!
  6. milkshakez7z said:
    I hope all goes well with the upgrade!

    Thanks =)
    Hoping to grab the Q6600 sometime this week =D
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