I am convinced that Cablevision is throttling my bandwidth to youtube!

I pay a premium for faster internet (30mbps), and even the lowest resolutions youtube videos freeze up and need to buffer multiple times. This problem has made youtube completely unwatchable for me. I know this is not a bandwidth issue on my end, because I can stream high-res videos from Vimeo and similar sites without a problem. Speed test shows my bandwidth at 5mbps/28mbps. I also know this is not a problem specific to my computer, because all computers in my house are experiencing this problem. Are there any test that I can run on my end to prove that they are throttling??? Thanks in advance!
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    I've noticed that many times videos that have low view counts load incredibly slow compared to popular ones. Try a video with a high view count in the millions and see if it persists.
    Also, there are countless issues related to this through a "slow youtube" Google search. Maybe some of those suggested techniques may help.
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  3. Whilst this topic is solved I just want to add: I must admit I am addicted to youtube (sad I know) and for about 6 months last year my internet was appalling due to high utilization in my area.

    Luckily I found Speedbit Video Accelerator. I *think* it basically multi-threads the buffering of the video. It works on many other video sites too.

    It's not the greatest application ever and I have had problems with it now and again where it didn't realize I was watching a video but those times were rare. If you aren't being capped and it's something else like maybe the youtube servers or a flakey line this might help. It's not voodoo it def works, and it works quite well.
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