Gaming rig advive

between this two rig which one will you go?
first choice----
cpu-i5 3570k
mobo-asrock z77-extreme 4
gpu-sapphire hd 7870 oc
ram-corsair ven. 8gb(4gb time 2)
hdd- wd caviar blue
optical drive-lg
psu-corsair hx750
monitor-dell u2312hm
ssd-intel 330 120gb

second choice----
basically the same except-
cpu- i7 3820
mobo- asus p9x70 le
psu- corsair tx 750
and there is no ssd...

i just need opinion between this two build which one i should go....which one is better build...this is my first time to build gaming rig....
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  1. First one.
  2. I´d get the first, basically because the SSD, which can make a difference on performance.
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    First rig, as others have stated.

    SSD will make your overall computing experience feel very snappy. However, I do have one gripe, swap out your PSU for this - Seasonic X Series X650 GOLD
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