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Ok, so motherboard(its a xfx, socket type 775) stopped working over the weekend because the power distribution started acting up. So i now have to replace the motherboard and all i can find are ddr3 ram motherboards, witch i have no problems with, but my old motherboard ddr2 ram. Talking with a friend he said that cpus(i have a intel 2200 2.20ghz) need a certain type of ram to work right, is this correct or will i be able to transfer that cpu onto the new motherboard?
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    The cpu has the match the motherboard you are buying. Unless the board is a lga775 your cpu won't work. Your friend was kinda right but everything is based on the motherboard. There are a few lga775 ddr3 boards but I don't think there are any in circulation. More than likely you'll need a lga1155 cpu and ddr3 ram.
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