GTX 670 too much auto boost, overheat or bad memory?


I recently bought a Gainward GTX 670, it's the old reference design board, the long version. Apart from reminding me of my dark memories of FX 5800 thanks to its vacuum cleaner sound levels, it randomly crash recovers at games (not at 3dmark or furmark): one moment the screen will turn black and upon returning to game the frame rate has dropped drastically.

I started monitoring it with Riva tuner OST during my game plays and this is what I got:

GPU: 1100
Memory: 3005
Temp: ~ 80c
Fan: 80%
GPU load: ~100%
FPS: 50 ~ 60

I don't know this additional 120 MHz from the standard 980 MHz boost is normal or not or the GPU can handle being constantly working at 80c, but after crash recovers this is what I got:

GPU: 910
Memory: 324
Temp: ~ 80c
Fan: 80%
GPU Load: ~100%
FPS: 10 ~ 15

as you can see the memory auto sets to 2d idle clock level and causing massive FPS drop.

Changing power management mode in NV control panel from adaptive to maximum performance prevented this from happening so far. But makes the GPU to always work at 910 even when I’m just web browsing or watching movie or any simple activity.

I appreciate any help or suggestion you may have upon this matter :)
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  1. sorry for replaying my own topic. I added a screenshot, hope it helps diagnosting the problem.

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