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A long time ago I used to play Planetside 2. Sometimes the game would run fine and at others the framerate would take a hit down to around 10. I assumed this was the game so I just uninstalled it.

Today, I was playing Far Cry 3 and the same thing happened. I play it fine, around 60 fps or so, and it crashes for some odd reason. When I restart it, the FPS is super low. Looking at task manager, all cores are at 30% or so when it's fine, but one core is at 95% while the others are at 15% when the frame rate goes down.

i5-3570k OCed to 4.2Ghz
HD 7970 OCed to 1100 Mhz
800w Corsair PSU
128GB Samsung 840 SSD
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  1. that clockrate is kind of high, try setting it lower
  2. chromic said:
    that clockrate is kind of high, try setting it lower

    4.2 isn't that high for a 3570k though. Plus the problem only occurs sometimes, so shouldn't that not be the problem?
  3. i ment GPU clockrate
  4. chromic said:
    i ment GPU clockrate

    Oh yeah, that's what I thought too so I put it at stock but the same problem occurred.
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    Yeah turning down the clockrate on my factory overclocked 670 solved my farcry 3 issues.
  6. chromic said:
    i ment GPU clockrate

    My GPU clockrate is actually 1100Mhz (It's a Sapphire Vapor-X GHz edition).
    The memory on the 7970 is 1600Mhz. Got them mixed up.
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