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Unfortunately, I am having some issues with a manufacturer refurbished XFX Radeon 6850 card which I bought today for my girlfriend's PC. I have built PC's before, so I know what I'm doing to a moderate degree. Before installing I removed the existing drivers but whenever I try to boot up with the new card I get 4 beeps and then the monitor doesn't seem to recognize the input, however Windows is still starting in the background.

PC Specs

MB - Asus F1a55 M LX pro
CPU - AMD Athlon II X4 631
HDD - Western digital 500gb
PSU - 500w CiT

First I thought it might be the PSU because I know its not exactly top of the line. So I tried it in my own PC which has a 900w XFX PSU currently running a 6870. Same issue. I tried it on two different monitors, same issue. I was using an old Asus 4350 card in my GF's PC, until she got this one, which worked fine and as I said my current system runs a 6870 no problems but was getting no display with the 6850. So, I'm thinking the GPU is faulty in some way.

I have contacted the seller but any help or suggestiong would be appriciated.

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  1. is the card detected in bios at all(and just to be sure, is the 6 pin plug inside it)
  2. Hi,

    Have you plugged in any extra power cable from the PSU?

    Drivers here are not an issue if the BIOS makes beeps.

    Here are 3 possibilities of problems:

    1- need extra power (extra cables )
    2- incompatible with mobo
    3- hardware problem on GPU.

    The other that I found is if If you use a vga to dvi adapter you might get that kind of trouble.

    But really the fact that you get 4 beeps means it a trouble with the card directly.
    So it's whether the power cable not plugged in if needed or defective card
  3. Hey, yeah I plugged in the 6-pin cable. The card powers on and everything jsut no display. I am using a DVI-VGA adapter but I also tried it without on a different monitor and had the same issue. I'm not sure how to see if the card is detected because I can't get into BIOS with no display?

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