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A friend of mine wants to upgrade his PC, these are his current specs:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz
GPU: GeForce GTX 260
Motherboard: GIGABYTE EP45-DS3R

He wants to get stable fps at 1920x1080 for at least a few years. What would be the smartest way to upgrade?
I'm thinking he needs to upgrade everything, unfortunately.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Yea ... you are correct. If I were doing it, I would go in this order:

    1. CPU/Motherboard/Memory upgrade (CPU/DDR2 are weakest part here)
    2. GPU upgrade (could be delayed slightly - 260 was a beast and is still a decent GPU)
    3. Monitor/peripherals
  2. Simply get Ivy bridge CPU with 8GB DDR3, I also recomend a videocard upgrade for 1080P, would be fine for 720P game
  3. Like suggested before:
    - i5 3570k system with at least 8GB RAM or more and eventually a new MOBO.
    - Postone the new GPU if you can not afford all at once.
    - If you have certain doubts or problems with the PSU due to aging, you can include a new PSU too.
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