AM3+ alternative to i3-2130

I bought this computer today.

Lenovo H430 $267
2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3-2130 3.4GHz 3MB Cache Processor
4GB DDR3 1333 MHz Memory
1TB SATA Hard Drive
Integrated slot-in DVD reader/writer Optical Drive
Windows 8

I have a motherboard( ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 ) a case and a PSU that I got FAR. I need to make a system for my wife as cheap as possible. The final cost for the Lenovo was $267, can I do better if I just buy the ram, the CPU and hard drive? What do you guys recommend for the CPU that is comparable to an i3 or preferably an i5?

The OS might not be an issue as I have a key for Windows 8 from my school. I also have some old HDD wich i might used if I go the AM3+ route.

I was thinking on an FX-4100($104) or FX-6100($119) and about 8gb of ram at around $50.

How do these two CPU compare to an i3 or i5? How are they in peformance? There will be no gaming but I do want the system to be able to handle most things without slowing down. I might buy an ssd but its not an option for now.
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  1. FX 6300 would be best option to compete with the i3 and when overclocked compares to a 8350 which compares to a i5
  2. +1 forget AMD CPUs that have the second no 1 as they are poor performers compared to anything Intel but he 6300 is a god bet.
  3. Umm the 6300 compares right with a i3 3220, and an 8350 really only 5-15fps from an i5 3570k
  4. No AMD CPU compares in terms of per core performance to the i3 3220 or better. That being said, it all depends on your uses.
  5. If u compare it that way then yes, but in gaming situations, where more than the single threaded performance is preferred there basically even
  6. 4300-6300 id say
  7. That still isn't a bad computer you bought anyways. Just keep it for awhile. And no, games still don't use very many cores.
  8. 6300 id say or 4300. also the mobo u chose is quite decent.
  9. Maybe go for an APU. Remember, if you get an AM3+ board you'll need a GPU as well. The A-10 5800k would be a good option, though an i3 would still have lower power consumption and better per core performance. No doubt the APU would last you longer, though.
  10. yar.
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