I installed new ram now what

i just got the ballistix 8gb kit "2-4 gb ddr3 ballistix, pc3-12800 cl9. 1.5v for my windows xp cpu but when i changed the ram, the computer crashes. i reinstalled the 2gb and it still crashes/ though, when i installed back to the old RAM, it did ask me to either let the default take over or manually fix it. my processor is: intel (R) Core (TM) i5-2300 cpu @ 2.8GHz, 2.79 GHz 1.90gb./ram
please help, thanks
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  1. xp is 32 bit and can't use 8gb.
  2. Yea it can only utilize 3.5 gigabytes of Ram. Sorry but you wasted your money. Also you motherboard might not support that much ram.

    Try using only 1 stick of the 4gb if you can't return them.
  3. Windows xp is 32 bit, supporting only 3.5 GB of ram. You should get a newer platform of windows (like windows 7 or windows 8, 64 bit)
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